For the month of October, the National Trust's Sutton House in Hackney, East London, will host the Life. Death. Whatever. exhibition.

We’ve been working to redesign the dialogue about death and dying, to open it up and to find new approaches to this fundamental subject.

Sutton House is a mish-mash of styles, from 80s graffiti to an Edwardian chapel, a Tudor kitchen and an edible garden.  The exhibition will take visitors on an exploratory, thought-provoking journey through the house and everything to do with life and death.  Both playful and poetic, visitors will enjoy interactive and reflective artwork.  

The exhibition features evocative work by Laura Ford, Claudia Bicen, Philip Eglin, Stella Vine, Kate Linforth, French & Mottershead, Nick Potter, Chairman Kato, Kimberley Thomas & many more, as well as an interactive Coffin Playroom sponsored by Ecoffins and a LDW grave by Stoneletters.