Five Things I've learnt from running a feminist death blog by Lucy Talbot.

Lucy Talbot, Dead Maidens

Lucy Talbot, Dead Maidens


1. Death is a political, social, and economic issue.

2. Death is complicated, messy, heartbreaking and hard.

3. Death is sometimes life affirming, always life changing... sometimes in the most incredible of ways.

4. Death is rebirth, it is writing books, new opportunities, business ventures, art, activism, ideas, charity... changing the world.

5. Death is a mirror into our society, how we treat our dead reflects how we treat our living.

Lucy Talbot

Lucy is a PhD student at University of Winchester, her work examines The Cross Bones Graveyard in Southwark, where she also volunteers as a site warden. She is interested in the relationship between death and space, death rituals, bad death and cemeteries as a vessel for social change. In 2016, Lucy wrote Little Book of Maudism, the book comprises of ten lessons to live and die by from the ultimate death positive film, Harold and Maude.

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