Five Things not to say to someone with terminal cancer by Fi Munro.

By Fi Munro   who was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer at the age of 30

By Fi Munro
who was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer at the age of 30

1. “But you look so well”
Do you know how much fucking effort it took me to a. get out of bed today and b. look this fucking well.

2. “How can it have come back so quickly? I thought your cancer was cured now” 
What part of ‘incurable’ and ‘terminal’ don’t you understand?

3. “Your situation reminds me of when I went through **insert something completely unrelated**”
Just fuck off.

4. “I’ve had such a hard day, I’m so tired, stressed and I hate my job/ partner/ dog/ hair/ outfit”
Well I’m not overly thrilled to be living with a terminal diagnosis but one of us can change the thing that upsets us and, I’ll give you a clue, it isn’t me.

5. “.....”
Even with all the shitty comments you can get, the worst is when someone just blanks you because they don’t know what to say now you’re terminal. I’m still the same person I was before!

Fi Munro

About Fi Munro
Fi Munro (Ph.D.) is a multi award winning researcher, author, blogger and speaker, recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on her journey and the importance of holistic health. She has been featured in two BBC documentaries, in TV and radio shows, and in newspaper and magazine articles across the globe.

In January 2016 at the age of 30, Fi was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. Told from day one that her cancer was incurable and ‘terminal’, Fi faced unimaginable pain, heartache and suffering as the life she’d dreamed of was suddenly pulled away from her. Yet in the wake of this news she did not wallow. Instead she discovered a remarkable inner strength, resilience and, above all, a very dark sense of humour.