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The Herb Lab & Mama Xanadu present The Forest of Life - A Herb Supper

  • Sutton House Homerton High Street London, England, E9 United Kingdom (map)

A life affirming Herb Supper set in the Great Chamber of the National Trust's Sutton House.

Life. Death. Whatever. Herb Lab

Life. Death. Whatever.The Herb Lab and Mama Xanadu have joined botanical forces to look at what the world of herbs has to say about life, death and everything in-between.

The Forest of Life will celebrate the moments of the life cycle: the flower, the seed, the death, the birth. It salutes the elements and energies our world is made of: water, air, fire, earth and metal. The Forest of Life unites the earth and the sky, flora, fauna and homo, life and death. 

We will create a banquette as rich and colourful, light and dark as life itself. Expect a playful menu that tells stories of lives and cycles. Every dish a chapter; every ingredient a character. 

The National Trust's Sutton House, the stunning venue for this dining event, has beautifully conserved its history. In its honour, we will be drawing on a host of cultural narratives, ancient remedies and folklore to explore how culinary and herbal traditions have dealt with life and death throughout our evolution across the globe.

Let’s get together, light a fire, eat, drink, tell stories, celebrate life and get ready for winter.

Arrive from 6.30 to enjoy the Life. Death. Whatever. exhibition.  
Dinner will be served from 7.30 in the Great Chamber.  Drinks will be available to purchase.

The Herb Lab plays with food and concepts of a healthy world. A subtle shift from plate-edge to centre stage unlocks much more than the healing potential of herbs. Think beautiful non-conformist food and tasty utopia.

Mama Xanadu is all about conscious cooking and creative mixology. A playful understanding of taste combined with knowledge of plant and mineral remedies brings an alchemical approach to dishes that direct nature’s medicine cabinet to the table.

The Great Chamber at Sutton House

The Great Chamber at Sutton House