Join the Life. Death. Whatever. Community

We're an eclectic group of people from many different disciplines - artists, writers, funeral professionals, hospice and hospital workers, counsellors, medical staff and interested members of the public - united in our commitment to redesigning the dialogue around death, dying, life and living.

We believe:

  • Death is a normal part of life.  Acknowledging and accepting that one day we will die is key to living a full life.  It's as simple and as complicated as that!

  • Death and dying isn't a gloomy or taboo subject.  Talking about death and dying can be life-affirming and life-enhancing.

  • Death and dying belong to everyone.

  • It's essential to create links between communities involved in end-of-life care.  Opportunities are currently being missed.

  • There is a way of approaching death and dying that can genuinely engage the public and transform society's relationship with death.

If you share our beliefs and would like to join our community, please get in touch.