Life Death Whatever at Dulwich Picture Gallery

On the evening of Friday 3rd November 2017, Life. Death. Whatever. took over the beautiful Christ's Chapel at Dulwich Picture Gallery with a thought-provoking sound installation of voices from around the world - people talking about what death, dying, life and living means to them.  The voices were played on a loop throughout the evening in the atmospheric chapel, lit entirely by candlelight.

Highlights included a funeral director talking about the first time she was left alone with the dead, a doctor talking about the first patient who ever died in her care, a patient talking about the night she accepted that her illness was going to kill her, and a daughter having an honest conversation with her elderly mother about her end of life plan.

We've now curated the voices from the installation into an online gallery so you can listen to them in your own way.

We want you to hear your voice

It's very simple.  All you have to do is talk into the voice recording app on your phone about something meaningful to you in relation to death and dying, life and living.  There's no need to introduce yourself, just start talking.  The recording doesn't have to be perfect, it just needs to express how you feel.  It can be up to five minutes in length.

Please email your recording to submissions@lifedeathwhatever.com

On grief

On the reality of death

On belief

On funerals

On old age

On working with death & dying

Children talking about death

On life & living