Five Things I learnt about grief after building a burial mound for ashes by Toby Angel

Sacred Stones, Willow Row, Cambridgeshire

Sacred Stones, Willow Row, Cambridgeshire


1. Grief evolves into a constructive process of remembrance.

2. Don't avoid saying your farewell in person, viewing the dead person is important.

3. Don't ever apologise for being sad when you think or talk about death.

4. 'Lost' is a term for an object not found, it is not a term for the death of someone you care for.

5. The majority of the families who come to the barrow are choosing to plan for the inevitable. They’re taking a healthy attitude towards death.

Toby Angel

Toby Angel is the founder of Sacred Stones, a company dedicated to creating meaningful final resting places for cremation ashes, inspired by the ancient burial mounds of our prehistoric ancestors.