Five Things I want you to know after my puppy, Vader, died. By Scout, age 8.

Scout and her puppy

Scout and her puppy


1. When my puppy died I was really sad so we made a funeral and my sister read a poem and we buried her under a curly bay tree. Whenever mummy is cooking we pick a bay leaf to use and we think about her.

2. Biscuits always help when you are sad.

3. If you hug someone and tell them what is wrong it helps a lot.

4. Even though I have another dog it doesn’t replace the empty space that will never be filled.

5. I feel just as bad as when she just died and that will never change. And just to add that people say that they are always right but they are often wrong.

Scout, aged 8

Scout is eight years old. She lives in London with her mum and two sisters. She likes taking her dog on walks around Nunhead Cemetery and enjoys eating chocolate chip gelato.