Five Things I wish everyone knew about the cremation process by crematorium manager Natasha Bradshaw.

Mortlake Crematorium

Mortlake Crematorium


1. The cremation does not take place when the curtains close. It takes place in a different room called the crematory up to 72 hours after the service.

2. Each person is cremated separately. However, cremations of two people can take place together if the cremation applicant or next of kin makes a request and the coffin isn’t too big to fit in the cremator. For example, this might happen when partners or a parent and child die.

3. Ashes of pets can be cremated with the person or mixed together afterwards. 

4. Any metals such as artificial hips, knees, and pacemakers are recycled and the money goes to bereavement charities in the UK. Over six million pounds has already been distributed

5. In cases where a coroner is not involved, three doctors will complete paperwork to ensure all is correct. Two of them will see the person who has died. This can be reassuring to anyone who worries they won’t be dead when they’re cremated.

Natasha Bradshaw

Natasha Bradshaw is the Superintendent of Mortlake Crematorium in South West London.