Five Things I've learnt about funerals as a progressive funeral director by Rosie Grant.

By Rosie Grant   who is a progressive funeral director in Manchester

By Rosie Grant
who is a progressive funeral director in Manchester

1. Funeral services don't have to be in crematoriums or places of worship. It's possible to have a service in your own home or garden, a cinema, museum, art gallery, pub, barn, field, music venue, function room and many other hireable space.

2. A coffin is just a large load bearing box with a secure lid and a solid flat base with a waterproof liner. Don't pay a vast sum for a coffin. Make your own or buy one online.

3. A coffin doesn't have to be away from you, high up on a catafalque at a crematorium. You can have it closer to you on coffin trestles. Sometimes you may be able to move the chairs closer to it as well. 

4. You are in charge of funeral arrangements. Your funeral director is there to facilitate things for you and offer advice. You don't even need to use a funeral director if you don't want to. 

5. People are naturally altruistic and kind. They want to help when someone is hurting form a loss. Sometimes you may have to ask them to do things because they're not always sure how best to be helpful. Spread the load and take some love and care. 

Rosie Grant

About Rosie Grant
Rosie is a progressive funeral directer with eighteen years experience in the world of funerals. She is particularly interested in how we create meaningful ritual when organised religion is less relevant to many communities. She is director of Natural Endings Funeral Services in Manchester. She is also a practicing psychotherapist.

Rosie lives in Manchester and Todmorden (West Yorkshire). Her family legacy is a love of natural beauty and walking. She also likes to make things with her hands. Her photo shows Rosie in a workshop making small copper and willow tributes.