Five Things I've learnt about grief by Clemmie Telford.

Clemmie Telford and her children

Clemmie Telford and her children


1. Grief is as physical as it is emotional.

2. Grief is laughter as well as tears. 

3. Grief is unpredictable. A good day amongst the darkness. Happiness tinged with unexpected sorrow. A faint smell or forgotten lyric that revive the pain from nowhere.

4. Grief has a loaded irony - the person you want to turn to in order to heal the heartache of loss is the person you are grieving. 

5. Grief is like a super power allowing you a special vision to see what is truly important in life.

Clemmie Telford

Clemmie Telford has experienced the death of several loved ones including the particularly significant loss of a family friend, who died of Malaria aged 20, after volunteering at a school in Ghana.

Clemmie is the Mamma of two boys and a girl and lives in South East London. She runs the brilliant website, Mother of all Lists and can be found on Instagram here.