Five Things I've learnt about the end of life as a hospital chaplain by Sarah Crane.

By Sarah Crane   who works as a hospital chaplain

By Sarah Crane
who works as a hospital chaplain

  1. Most deaths are peaceful and pain-free where the body slows down gently.

  2. Some families argue around a deathbed, others cry and laugh.

  3. A good death has the capacity to be truly beautiful.

  4. Most people haven’t planned what they’d like to happen when they die, or spoken to their families about their wishes. This causes real angst for their loved ones.

  5. Witnessing the death of someone you love is nothing like that of a stranger. It’s completely different when it’s not your grief.

Sarah Crane

About Sarah Crane
Sarah Crane is a Baptist Minister and after a hospice placement whilst doing a Masters has been Chaplain at Milton Keynes University Hospital since 2014. She loves green things, cakes of all flavours, walking (to balance out the cakes) and reading. She loves the diversity of the hospital environment; caring for the whole community in an environment of both intense sadness and joy.