Five Things I've learnt after being diagnosed with dementia at the age of 58 by Wendy Mitchell.

By Wendy Mitchell   who was diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia at 58

By Wendy Mitchell
who was diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia at 58

  1. Enjoy today. Each moment spent with regrets is a moment of joy lost. And if today is a bad day, tomorrow might be better.

  2. Talk. How do those closest to you know how to help if you don’t talk? But this has to be two way, those closest to you must talk about their struggles too. When the two are brought together it’s amazing how each can help the other.

  3. Complete a Lasting Power of Attorney - yes it’s difficult, but it would be strange if it wasn’t. Then everyone knows your wishes while you’re still able to communicate. They then won’t have to make those difficult emotional decisions, that often split families, at a time when they’re least capable of making them.

  4. Once you’ve completed the above, don’t dwell on the future. Our end is inevitable, so why dwell on something over which you have no control. Instead carry on enjoying things which bring you pleasure, albeit differently or with support, but still a joy.

  5. Dementia may be terminal but then so is life, so grasp every opportunity that comes your way. Never give up on yourself as you never know what you CAN still achieve, no matter how small or how great. Celebrate each one.

Wendy Mitchell

About Wendy Mitchell
Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia on the 31st July 2014 at the age of 58 years young. 

Post diagnosis, she was so shocked by the lack of awareness, both in the community and the clinical world. She now spends all her time travelling around the country raising awareness and encouraging others to speak out in order to reduce the stigma associated with dementia. She’s proud to be the author of the Sunday Times best seller, Somebody I Used to Know. Follow Wendy on Twitter.