Five Things I've learnt from leading person-centred funeral ceremonies by Rosalie Kuyvenhoven.

A person-centred funeral ceremony at Willow Row in Cambridgeshire

A person-centred funeral ceremony at Willow Row in Cambridgeshire


1. Death is life’s invitation to reflect on what really matters.

2. It’s not the key dates, facts and achievements that define who we are. We are the stories people tell each other on how we have touched their lives.

3. Death is not something that happens to just one person. It affects a community.

4. A good funeral is about creating a connection with the people involved on practical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual levels to help them find the creative expressions that are meaningful to them.

5. A funeral ceremony can be a beautiful and positive experience, helping the people involved acknowledge a death, pay tribute to a life, continue the bond and find comfort for the way forward.

Rosalie Kuyvenhoven

Rosalie Kuyvenhoven is an award-winning celebrant and Death Cafe host based in London. She creates and conducts person-centred funeral services and end-of-life ceremonies and advises people on funeral options. People appreciate her respectful, sensitive, creative and warm approach. Rosalie is an advocate of opening up the conversation about death and dying in a relaxed and open-minded way, as well as offering a modern and inclusive approach to funerals.