Five Things I've learnt from running a feminist death blog by Lucy Coleman Talbot.

1. Death is a political, social, and economic issue.

2. Death is complicated, messy, heartbreaking and hard.

3. Death is sometimes life affirming, always life changing... sometimes in the most incredible of ways.

4. Death is rebirth, it is writing books, new opportunities, business ventures, art, activism, ideas, charity... changing the world.

5. Death is a mirror into our society, how we treat our dead reflects how we treat our living.

Lucy Coleman Talbot

About Lucy Coleman Talbot
Lucy is currently completing her PhD examining the Crossbones Graveyard in Southwark, London, where she also volunteers and advocates for it's protection. In 2016, she wrote 
Little Book of Maudism, her love letter to Harold and Maude (1971). The book presents a philosophy to live and die by inspired by the film. In 2014, Lucy co-founded Death and the Maiden, an online platform that explored the relationship between women and death across cultures and through time. You can read more about that and her views on mortality here. Follow Lucy on Twitter and Instagram for all things Cats, Crossbones, and Deathly.