Five Things I've learnt about life from losing my amazing 34 year old wife to cancer on our 11th wedding anniversary by Chris Pointon.

Dr Kate Granger & Chris Pointon

1. Have a will. Irrespective of age or health everyone should have one so your wishes are adhered to. Kate and I swiftly made wills when Kate was diagnosed in 2011.

2. Have a funeral plan. This ensures that the send off you have is as you want it to be and it takes the pressure of those people left behind. Kate had a funeral plan so her funeral (or celebration of life) was as she wished.

3. Enjoy life and have a bucket list. Start ticking off items on your own bucket list now - why wait? If you have the opportunity to do an activity that you have always wished to do then do it.

4. Live life to the full. Enjoy life as it is precious, take the opportunities that present themselves to you and also make every second count. Kate and I used to say that we have to play the cards in life we have been dealt - we certainly did this to the fullest and I continue to do so.

5. Look on the bright side. Having a sense of humour helps people through sad times. Kate and I certainly had a dark sense of humour about death and dying but its something that helps break down the taboo in society. We need to talk more in society about death and dying as it will happen to all of us at some point.

Chris Pointon & Dr Kate Granger

Chris Pointon launched ‘#hellomynameis’ with his wife Dr Kate Granger MBE. The couple came up with the campaign, which encourages NHS staff to introduce themselves to patients, when Kate was being treated for a type of sarcoma. Kate died in 2016 and Chris has continued to take the campaign across the world in her honour. He runs events for health workers, provides resources and has established International #hellomynameis day on 23 July.