Five Things I've learnt about death by JanSeventyFour.

Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

1. Tell the people you love your wishes in case you cant, everything that gives your life meaning, and write it down.

 2. Don’t feel guilty for asking loved ones for what you need, chances are they may be feeling helpless & will welcome it.

 3. Palliative care and hospices are not just for people who are at the end of life.

4. Believe people with long term pain when they say they are in pain even if they ‘don’t look like they are in pain’!

 5. Let the small stuff go.


@JanSeventyFour is a Palliative Care Nurse and Coach who loves, gigs, laughter, silliness. She’s a Zumba addict, cat lover and is living with neurological disability.