Five Things I've learnt about grief by Charlotte Underwood.

Charlotte Underwood

Charlotte Underwood


1. Grief isn't just for death. You can grieve anything from your own health and lifestyle, to a breakup or even the state of the world.

2. There are really no rules for grief. Mistakes might be made but grief needs to be done in your own way and your own time; it's personal to you.

3. Grief can change you, but it does not mean that it's a bad thing, you've been through a lot, be true to yourself and thats what matters.

4. People don't always understand grief, or agree with your grief, some people try to tell you what to do; ignore it. 

5. Grief isn't about moving on, it's about adjusting, don't forget the past because it makes the future easier, remember it and adjust.

Charlotte Underwood

Charlotte Underwood was 18 when her father, Stephen Fox, died by suicide.

She’s an author, mental health campaigner and suicide survivor. She writes about mental health, depression, anxiety, and suicide with the aim of raising awareness as well as ending the stigma.

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