Five Things we've learnt from running an award-winning Death Festival by BrumYODO.

Hear details and voices from BrumYODO's 2018 "A Matter of Life & Death" Festival

1. Creating space for people to have conversations about death and dying can be a life-changing experience.

2. Arts, culture and creativity play a fundamental role in helping us better understand and connect with the world around us.

3. A festival (big or small) is a great way of bringing people of all ages together. To laugh, to cry, to share, to discuss, to learn, to be challenged, to be inspired, to celebrate and to become part of a temporary or lasting community. 

4. There is huge value in working in partnership with others, and our partners are essential to what we do. They help us deliver new programmes each year which open up conversations in exciting and different ways, reaching diverse groups of people.

5. People who come will thank you and those who don't feel ready to come will see that talking about death publicly, in the media and on social media can be normal.


About BrumYODO

BrumYODO is a community collective aiming to encourage and support the people of Birmingham to have open and honest conversations about death and dying and mortality. Through creative and cultural events, festivals, debates, workshops and social media, BrumYODO is opening up discussions and ending the taboos around death and dying.
A Matter of Life & Death Festival 2019 took place 
from the 10th - 19th May in spaces across Birmingham.