Five Things I want you to know about living with anxiety by Marley age 10

Marley, age 10

Marley, age 10


1. People telling me it’s alright when it’s not, doesn’t help.

2. Whether you’re ready for something or not, it will always come.

3. Feeling truly anxious is like everything else in the world is blank except that one moment you’re living through. It’s too vivid and real to manage. Coping is the hardest life lesson to learn.

4. Sometimes you don’t know what to say when someone asks what helps. The vast majority of the time nothing really helps. Having anxiety is like a big weight over your shoulders and you want to put it down but you can’t. I don’t know what helps. I wish I did.

5. Really anxious moments do pass but I really wish they didn’t keep coming back. I’m going to try not to let my anxiety stop me from doing anything.

Marley, age 10

Marley is ten years old. She lives in London with her mum and two sisters. She loves horses.