Five Things I've learnt about life and living from death and dying by palliative care nurse Philip Ball.

1. Funerals can be uplifting fun.

2. Dying is often an uncomplicated pain free process.

3. Acts of thoughtful kindness (little things) assume great significance for those who are dying and for the people close to them.

4. Living comes before dying; life is there to be enjoyed.

5. Speaking of the dead we’ve known is better than saying nothing at all.

Philip Ball

Philip Ball knew that he wanted to work in end of life care in his student nurse days as hospices developed. After almost 30 years in hospices and hospitals working in the specialty, he is lead nurse of the palliative and end of life care team at Milton Keynes University Hospital. He has seen the importance of having conversations about death and dying, and making the best of life.